Africa 2019

Windhoek - Namibia

2-4 April 2019


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World Construction Forum 2019

Ljubljana, Slovenia

8-11 April 2019


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2019 USSD Conference and Exhibition

Chicago, Illinois -- Hilton Chicago Hotel

8-11 April 2019


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18 Deutsches Talsperrensymposium


8-10 May 2019


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ICOLD Ottawa 2019

87th Annual Meeting

Ottawa, Canada

9-14 June 2019


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15th ICOLD International
Benchmark Workshop on
Numerical Analysis of Dams

Milano, Italy

9-12 September 2019


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11th ICOLD European Club Symposium

Crete, Greece

2-4 October 2019


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Member Countries



Name of the Committee:

Comité Argentino de Presas


Dr. Ing. Fabián Hugo RESTELLI

Secretary General:

Ing. Oscar Elpidio NAVARRO

Address Committee:

Comité Argentino de Presas Pte. H.Yrigoyen 379 - 2do. Piso (R8324BMG) CIPOLLETTI- Pcia. Río República Argentina


54 9 299 4 121013

Some words on the country and the Committee:

The Argentinian Committee of Dams (CAP) is an active member of ICOLD (International Commission of Large Dams), an organization located in Paris (France) that brings together more than 90 countries of the world.

Is a national non-profit civil association that brings together professionals and enterprises who share expertise in the technical, economic, financial, environmental and social aspects of dam and levee projects.

It was created in the City of Buenos Aires on 13 February 1960 on the initiative of a group of engineers and achieved its legal personality on 23 October 1981.


According to the Statute, its purpose is:

  1. Promote progress in the study, construction, maintenance and operation of the dams.
  2. Arouse the interest of its members in the various types of problems that are generated in the stages of the construction and operation of dams, through visits to the damsite and realization of conferences and specific congresses.
  3. Gather, discuss and publish the results of observations made on dams and levee systems for flood protection.
  4. Gather technical documentation and study the various issues that relate to such works in all its aspects.

Collaborate in the different Technical Committees of the ICOLD and participate in its International Congresses.