ICOLD Innovation Award





(Adopted at Stavanger General Assembly in June 2015)


The International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD) confers the International ICOLD Innovation Award for innovative scientific and technical contributions, in the field of dams and reservoirs with special focus on their role in sustainable water resources management under consideration of environmental constraints.


The following regulations apply to the award:


  1. This Award is open to recent (less than 10 year), original scientific and technical original contributions, that have not been previously submitted to another award, in the field of large dams and reservoirs, regarding technical but also socio-economical and environmental aspects with consideration of balanced and sustainable water resources management as well as climate change.
  2. Contributions can be submitted by a single author or a multi-member team.
  3. Candidates should submit their contributions to the Central Office, International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD), 61 Avenue Kleber, París (France) for the paper version and by email to contact@icold-cigb.org.  It should be accompanied by a CV of the author(s) as well as by a letter to the Jury, which explains how the contribution fulfils the compliance with the first clause.
  4. The contributions must be in English or French and have to be submitted before October 15th in the year before the upcoming ICOLD Congress. Three hard copies and an electronic version are required. The name and the address of the author or authors must be clearly indicated.
  5. The Jury is composed by a Chairman and four Members that will be appointed by ICOLD Board. The final Jury decision will be communicated to the author(s) before January 31st, in the year of the congress.
  6. The contributions submitted but not awarded will be returned to the author(s) within a three months period after the publication of the final decision.
  7. The ICOLD Innovation Award consists of a medal and 1 500 Euros cash prize. The award receiver(s) will be granted a free congress admission to the upcoming ICOLD Congress where they will have the opportunity to present their contribution. If several winners are selected for the award, its amount will be equally divided among them.
  8. The Award will be given to the winner(s) during the ICOLD Congress every three years.
  9. If none of the submitted contribution fulfils the required quality for the AWARD, the Jury can decide not to assign it.
  10. The award winner allows ICOLD to inform the media about the awarded contribution and the winner.
  11. The submission of a contribution to the ICOLD Innovation Award implies that the candidates accept these rules. The decision of the Jury will not be open to appeal.

ICOLD Innovation Award for 26th Congress (Vienna, Austria) in July 2018



  • Open for single authors or teams




  • Diploma
  • 1500 Euros
  • Free access to the Congress




Different kind of innovations are accepted, both scientific and technical contributions as:

  • New solutions
  • New methods for construction
  • New materials
  • New environmental friendly approaches


Evaluation Committee:


  • L. LIA  President ICOLD Innovation Award
  • A. CHRAIBI   Vice President Africa
  • M. ROGERS  Vice President America
  • M. LINO   Vice President Europe
  • Z. JIANPING  Vice President Asia-Pacific





  • Reports must be submitted by the candidates to Central Office
  • before 15 Oct 2017
  • by email to contact@icold-cigb.org
  • by mail to ICOLD Central Office, 61 avenue Kléber 75116 Paris France
  • The name and address of author(s) must be clearly indicated
  • The title of the report must start by "ICOLD Innovation Award 2018"
  • A guideline for the preparation of the report is available here



  • before 31 Jan 2018



  • At Vienna Congress in July 2018

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