BRUSSELS HYDROPOWER DAY 2024 - 16th April 2024

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The important role of hydropower as a catalyst in the clean and safe energy transition under uncertainties





We are pleased to announce the 2nd annual Brussels Hydropower Day.


Note the 16th April 2024 in your calendar and join us for this hybrid conference that will be held in Brussels at the Bluepoint Brussels and also streamed online.


The BRUSSELS HYDROPOWER DAY 2024 aims to provide a platform for stakeholder groups in the hydropower sector and decision makers in the European Commission and Parliament, who are working on relevant policy issues concerning hydropower. The purpose is to discuss opportunities and barriers affecting hydropower deployment in the framework of the energy transition,  considering uncertainties regarding the energy crisis, climate change and the market as well as regulation conditions.


Why attend? 


  • Find out more about the added value of hydropower and energy storage in the energy transition under uncertainties (such as economy, market and climate).

  • Learn about best practice in hydropower deployment with reference to electricity market design, flexibility, social and environmental requirements.

  • Join the discussion about cooperation with other ETIPs/sectors within the SET Plan on approaches to ensure energy system integration and a flexible safe energy supply.

  • Get informed about the next steps of ETIP HYDROPOWER towards "Unifying the voices of hydropower in Europe".   


The conference will gather participants, representing wide stakeholder groups in the hydropower sector and decision-makers in the European Commission and possibly European Parliament working on relevant policy files concerning hydropower.




The programme details will be released soon


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Solar Hydro 2024, Antipolis Congress Centre Antibes-Juan Les Pins, France 22 and 23 April, 2024

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Solar Hydro 2024


Click on the image to download the PDF of the event:




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4th Baghdad International Water Conference will be held in Baghdad on 27 – 29 April 2024

Conference Overview


An event held yearly since 2021 by MOWR, to share the knowledge, tech and studies of using, storing and processing water in the best manner to serve as much as possible of countries and people.





To know more, visit the website


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Int'l Symposium on Safety on Dams - INCA Club - Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, May 21 - 23, 2024

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Join your colleagues for an event focused on comparing best practices in dam safety and engineering across countries in the western hemisphere. This will be a 3-day event that will be a combination of technical presentations, site tours, exhibits, networking, and camaraderie.


Preliminary Agenda 

Tuesday, May 21 Sessions 8 am-5 pm, 7 pm Dinner 

Wednesday, May 22 Sessions 8 am-5 pm, 7 pm Dinner 

Thursday, May 23 Field Trip 

Simultaneous English-Spanish translation will be available


Preliminary Topics 

  • Dam Safety Management Systems 
  • Risk Analysis/Failure Modes 
  • EAPs and Early Warning Systems 
  • Incidents and Lessons Learned 
  • Reservoir Sedimentation 
  • Puerto Rican Issues



Location- Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Puerto Rico Golf & Beach Resort 

Group Rate: $200.00 per night (single or double) Rates available 3 days prior and post event 

There is no contracted government rate however we have negotiated to have the Resort fee, $44/per room per night, waived.

Book Reservations: Online: 

By Phone: 800-474-6627 (Please reference International Symposium on Safety of Dams when calling)

Interesting in exhibiting? Register Here


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12th East Asian Dam Conference (EADC) - 3rd to 7th June 2024, Nagoya, Japan

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President of Japan Committee on Large Dams (JCOLD)On behalf of Japan Commission on Large Dams (JCOLD), I am pleased to invite people associated with dams, including scientists, engineers, and policymakers from China, Korea, and Japan which are participants in the EADC, as well as from member countries of ICOLD to the 12th East Asian Area Dam Conference (EADC) as a face-to-face conference from June 3rd to 7th, 2024 in Nagoya, Japan.

The pandemic of COVID-19 has greatly restricted people’s activities, even though it’s swept across our world from early 2020 is finally coming to an end. It had made holding international conferences and symposiums for face-to-face discussions impossible. Yet despite such limitations, people still endeavored to exchange information and discussions through web conferencing. The field of dams was no exception. With dams expected to play significant roles in flood and drought mitigation, the development of renewable energy, and other areas, online gatherings of the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD) had many attendances. I suspect, however, that while many participants appreciated the convenience of web conferencing, they also sensed the value of direct conversation.

It gives me great pleasure to see the Japan Commission on Large Dams (JCOLD) hosts the 12th EADC in real. JCOLD will give the symposium with the main theme of “Sustainable Development and Management of Dams and Reservoirs for the Future Generations”, and the subthemes of:

  1. Management of Reservoirs and Sediment in the Era of Climate Change
  2. Dam Safety Assessment and Surveillance
  3. New Technologies and Digital Transformation of Construction and Management for Dams
  4. Environment and Biodiversity of Dams and Reservoirs
  5. Promoting Renewable Energy with Dams

The venue of the conference, Nagoya, is situated in the center of the main island of Japan. It is conveniently located in terms of transportation, as it is 50 minutes by train from “CENTRAIR” Chubu International Airport. And although Nagoya is 350 kilometers from Tokyo, a trip between the two cities takes just 1.5 hours via the Shinkansen. Nagoya is also a gateway to the Central Highlands, one of Japan’s most popular tourist destinations. For this reason, we will conduct technical tours of dams and these facilities in the Central Highlands following the symposium. Stops will include the Shin-Maruyama Dam, which is currently under construction, and the operating Koshibu Dam with sediment flushing tunnel.
I am confident we will have fruitful time for discussions and knowledge exchange with everyone present during the conference. I will be glad to welcome you in Nagoya in June 2024.
 Signature Sugiyama

Hiroyasu Sugiyama
President, Japan Commission on Large Dams


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92nd Annual Meeting & Int'l Symposium - 27th Sept. - 3 Oct. 2024, New Delhi, India

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92nd ICOLD Annual Meeting & International Symposium on "Dams for People, Water, Environment and Development"


New Delhi, India

! New Dates ! 27 Sept. - 3 October, 2024



Dear Colleagues and Friends of ICOLD,


I am thrilled to extend a heartfelt invitation on behalf of the International Commission of Large Dams (ICOLD) to our esteemed 106 National Committees.


It is with great pleasure that we invite you to send delegates and accompanying persons to the highly anticipated 92nd Annual Meeting of ICOLD, scheduled to take place in the vibrant capital city of India, New Delhi, from 27 Sept. to 3 Oct., 2024.


New Delhi offers a captivating opportunity to immerse yourself in the country's rich culture, heritage, and warm hospitality. As a hub of ideas and innovation, the city provides the perfect backdrop for this event, bringing together experts & professionals from around the world. Furthermore, October in India presents delightful weather conditions, setting the stage for an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. The diligent National Committee of India (INCOLD) will be hosting the 92nd Annual Meeting and International Symposium of ICOLD, offering an exceptional program in a captivating setting.


Building upon the successes of previous gatherings organized by INCOLD, including Congresses in 1951 and 1979, as well as the Annual Meeting in 1998, we eagerly anticipate a remarkable and unforgettable ICOLD 2024 92nd Annual Meeting and International Symposium.


The theme of the ICOLD 2024 International Symposium is "Dams for People, Water, Environment & Development," emphasizing the critical role of dams in sustainable development and environmental protection. The event will feature a diverse range of technical sessions, plenary talks, and panel discussions, providing an excellent platform for participants to share experiences, insights, and best practices while fostering mutual learning.


Alongside the technical program, there will be ample opportunities for networking and socializing, including cultural events, technical tours, and social activities, enabling you to immerse yourself in the local culture and experience the warm hospitality of the host country. India holds a prominent position as a strong and longstanding member of ICOLD, boasting an impressive track record of over 5264 dams, with approximately 437 dams currently under construction. The nation stands as a global leader in the development of vital water infrastructure, spearheading significant projects such as the Bhakhra, Koldam, Tehri Dam, Bichom Dam and Subansiri Lower projects, as well as the World Bank-supported Dam Rehabilitation Improvement Projects. These modern water infrastructure endeavors, supported by INCOLD, have made substantial contributions to the sustainable growth of India's agriculture, water supply, and power sectors, effectively meeting the escalating demands of a dynamic nation.


With utmost confidence, we assure you that the 2024 Congress will be a resounding success. We encourage you to mark your calendars and join us in New Delhi, India, in October 2024. I am looking forward to your presence at this prestigious event.


Yours sincerely,



Michel Lino

President of ICOLD




View the website to register !



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HYDRO 2024 - Secure technology for turbulent times - Messe Congress Graz (MCG), Austria - 18 to 20 November 2024

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Hydro 2024


Click on the image to open the PDF of the event




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17th ICOLD International Benchmark Workshop on Numerical Analysis of Dams 9th - 12th April 2025 Sofia, Bulgaria

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17th ICOLD International Benchmark Workshop on Numerical Analysis of Dams

Sofia, Bulgaria

9th - 12th April 2025



The 17th ICOLD Benchmark Workshop on Numerical Analysis of Dams will be held in the city of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.


General Organizer

ICOLD Technical Committee A on “Computational Aspects of Analysis and Design of Dams”

Chairman MAZZA’, Guido Italy

Vice-Chairman ZENZ, Gerald Austria


Benchmark topics

Theme A: Identification of the concrete rheological model of Tsankov kamak arch dam. Formulators: UACEG (Bulgaria); RSE (Italy)

Theme B: Simulation of the transient first impoundment of Plovdivtsi embankment dam. Formulators: UACEG (Bulgaria); Stucky (Switzerland)

Theme C: Behaviour of a 210m high CFRD – calibration and prediction. Formulators: Artelia (France) Open Theme: Papers related to numerical modelling of dams and/or appurtenant structures.



Updated information soon on the homepage:


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ICOLD 28th Congress & 93rd Annual Meeting in Chengdu, China, from 10 May to 23 May 2025

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ICOLD 28th Congress & 93rd Annual Meeting in Chengdu, China, from 10 May to 23 May 2025









Website of the event is under construction and will be ready soon.


Initial Bulletin will be ready very soon.


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