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Mécanique des Fluides Environnementaux


Bulletin 178

Exploitation des structures hydrauliques de barrages

Bulletin 180

Surveillance des Barrages - Leçons tirées d'études de cas

Congrès 27ème

Marseille Juin 2022
World Register of Dams / Registre Mondial des Barrages

World Register of Dams / Registre Mondial des Barrages

Achat d'un accès de 3ans pour le Registre Mondial des Barrages (RMB).


Le RMB est la meilleure base de données répertoriant des barrages dans le monde et nous travaillons constamment à son amélioration

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Document de Synthèse

Document de Synthèse

Position Paper - Dam Safety and Earthquakes

Registre des barrages

La meilleure base de données mondiale sur les barrages, établie à partir des inventaires nationaux envoyés par les pays membres à la CIGB. Le Registre est mis à jour continuellement et comporte actuellement plus de 55 000 Barrages.



7thMeeting of the EWG

International Symposium on Dams and Earthquakes

Athène, Grèce

12 - 13 Septembre 2024


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ICOLD 2024

92ème Réunion Annuelle et Symposium Int'l

New Delhi, Inde

27 Sept. - 3 Octobre 2024


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HYDRO 2024 Secure technology for turbulent times

Messe Congress Graz (MCG), Autriche

18 au 20 Novembre 2024


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17e atelier international de référence de la CIGB sur l'analyse numérique des barrages

Sofia, Bulgarie

9 - 12 Avril 2025


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28ème Congrès & 93ème Réunion Annuelle de la CIGB

Chengdu, Chine

10 Mai au 23 Mai 2025


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Webinaire: Effets de la réaction alcali-agrégat (RAA) - Revue technique et portrait - 27 Juin 2024

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CDA (Canadian Dam Association) and UCOLD (Uganda Committee on Large Dams) are pleased to collaborate in presenting this free webinar targeted at Professionals and Young Professionals in the ICOLD community and others interested in the topic of AAR. The webinar moderator will be CDA’s Mayari Bernard-Garcia, ing., M.A.Sc., PhD, Hydrological, hydraulic and dam safety engineer at AtkinsRéalis. 


Opening remarks on the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between CDA and UCOLD will be given by Jean-Pierre Tournier, ing., PhD, Expert Advisor of Hydroelectric Developments at Hydro-Québec.  Highlights on the significance of the MOU will be given by Fredrick Wasike, P.Eng, Manager, Dam Safety and Water Resources at Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited (UEGCL). Klun Mateja, ICOLD YP Board Chair, will provide information about the ICOLD Young Professionals Network. 


A presentation of how AAR affects some dams in Uganda will be provided by Patsheba Ayebare, Dam Safety Engineer, from UEGCL. A technical introduction to alkali-aggregate reaction (AAR) will be presented by Gurinderbir Sooch, M.A.Sc, P.Eng, Director, Hydropower and Dams with Hatch. Example projects will be discussed to illustrate issues and problems with dams in Canada and USA. 


The webinar will conclude with a short Q&A / Discussion session.


National Committee Speakers


Jean-Pierre Tournier


Jean-Pierre has over forty years of experience in all stages of infrastructure projects, and in particular, hydroelectric projects, in both the public and private sectors in Canada and internationally. He is the author and co-author of more than fifty technical publications and his expertise is recognized by the dam community around the world. He has served as Vice president of the ICOLD and as President of the CDA and remains very active in both organizations.



Klun Mateja, PhD

University of Ljubljana

Mateja is a research and teaching assistant at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering. She is also the current Chair of the ICOLD YPF.



Fredrick Wasike, P.Eng

Uganda Electricty Generation Company Limited (UEGCL)

Fredrick is a founder member and the Secretary General of Uganda Committee on Large Dams (UCOLD). He is also works with Uganda Electricty Generation Company Limited (UEGCL) as the Manager, Dam Safety and Water Resources.



Panel of Experts

Patsheba Ayebare, M.Sc

Uganda Electricty Generation Company Limited (UEGCL)

Patsheba is a passionate Civil Engineer with over 5 years of experience in the Dam Safety and Water Resources sectors. Currently, she works at Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited, applying her expertise to ensure the safe and sustainable operation of dams. 



Gurinderbir Sooch, M.A.Sc, P.Eng

Hatch Canada

Gurinderbir is the Director, Hydropower and Dams Engineering at Hatch. He has published technical papers in USSD, ICOLD and CDA and voluntarily contributes to various dam engineering-related committees. He is also member in the ICOLD Technical Committee A COMPUTATIONAL ASPECTS OF ANALYSIS AND DESIGN OF DAMS.



Mayari Bernard-Garcia, Eng. M.A.Sc. PhD


Mayari is a hydrological, hydraulic and dam safety engineer at AtkinsRéalis. She is a member of the International, Francophone and Young Professional Committees of CDA and a member of the ICOLD-YPF. She is also currently on two ICOLD working group of the Dam Safety Committee.



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L'ancien secrétaire général de la Commission Mondiale des Barrages Achim Steiner va diriger le PNUD - Avril 2017

Le Secrétaire Général des Nations Unies António Guterres, après consultation du Bureau Exécutif du Programme des Nations Unies pour le Développement (PNUD), a écrit au president de l’Assemblée Générale en lui demandant de confirmer Achim Steiner (Allemagne) comme nouvel administrateur du PNUD pour un mandat de quatre ans. L’Assemblée Générale a confirmé cette nomination le 19 avril.




Citoyen allemand de 55 ans, Steiner a toujours été actif pour l’écologie, longtemps avant de commencer à travailler au sein des institutions de l’ONU. Il a notamment occupé des postes au sein de l’Union Internationale pour la Conservation de la Nature, basée à Washington. Il a consacré sa vie professionnelle à des projets “coup de poing”, comme quand il a été le Secrétaire Général de la Commission Mondiale des Barrages (CMD).


Selon un commentateur à Washington, « en 2000, la CMD a publié un rapport montrant que les réservoirs représentaient des dangers pour l’environnement, en dépit de leur importance pour le développement. Renommé pour cette approche holistique et durable, c’est ce point de vue que Steiner apportera dans ses nouvelles fonctions”. (c’est nous qui soulignons).


L’ONU a considéré d’autres candidats, dont Ségolène Royal, actuelle ministre de l’Environnement, qui faisait partie de la sélection finale et qui est notoirement insatisfaite de la décision de l’ONU. Selon elle, le Secrétaire Général Antonio Guterres avait en fait promis que le poste irait à une femme. Elle a sous-entendu que le choix de Steiner était dû au rôle de l’Allemagne, important donateur du PNUD, dont le budget dépend des dons volontaires des nations indivuelles.


Mr Steiner a été Directeur Exécutif du Programme des Nations Unies pour l’Environnement entre 2006 et 2016. Il été Directeur Général du bureau des Nations Unies à Nairobi entre 2009 et 2011, Directeur Général de l’UICN entre 2001 et 2006, et Secrétaire Général de la CMB, en Afrique du Sud, de 1998 à 2001.


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Press Release on Laos Dam failure

Press Relase


Dam Failure in Laos



The International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD) is following the situation very closely as information is just coming out about the collapse of the saddle dam at the Xe Pian Xe Namnoy Hydroelectric Dam, in Laos.




ICOLD newly elected President Michael Rogers made the following statement:


“Our deepest condolences go out to the people of Laos impacted by this tragedy, especially those families who have lost loved ones and/or their homes.


Dams are critical pieces of not only physical, but also socio-economic infrastructure that supply renewable power, storage for agricultural, industrial, municipal and community water supply. Like other large infrastructure in our societies, dams provide critical service, but also pose high risks that must be addressed during the planning, design and construction phases.   The precautionary principle of dams to prevent and/or mitigate adverse downstream safety consequences informs and is at the heart of the ICOLD Mission.


ICOLD has been working for 90 years to promote the safe and sustainable design and construction of dams.  As an organization of 100 nations committed to the safety of all dams around the world, ICOLD stands ready to assist and support the project owner and the national dam safety organization in Laos to assess the situation and work towards recovery.  Moving forward, it will be important to understand the full cause of this apparent failure so that important lessons may be shared with other nations and dam owners. This is the heart of ICOLD mission and the main reason why it was founded.  For example, during its recent Congress in Vienna (July 1-7 2018), ICOLD organized an important open workshop on the lessons learned from the Oroville Spillway Incident (USA, 2017).


Again, our heartfelt condolences go out to the thousands of persons downstream of this dam that have been impacted by this tragedy and ICOLD stands ready to support Laos in any way possible.”



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