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Dam Day: Promoting Dams and Reservoirs for Europe

May 13, 2024
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“Dam Day - Reservoirs for Europe” will be celebrated for the first time this May 29th, 2024, aiming to recognize the contribution and spread knowledge on the beneficial role of dams and their reservoirs in an economic, social and environmental context for local communities and countries within Europe. 


The annual celebration of “Dam Day” was declared in March 2024 by EurCOLD (European Club of the International Commission on Large Dams – ICOLD) to raise public awareness of the contribution of dams and reservoirs to the sustainable social development and prosperity of European countries. The establishment of the “Dam Day” followed a proposal by the Italian Committee on Large Dams in June 2023. 


Dam Day is celebrated around Europe with a variety of events taking place a short period before and after the 29th of May. Interested parties (Dam owners, Authorities, Associations, Universities, etc.) are encouraged to conduct events and activities such as technical visits to dams and excursions, debates, seminars, etc. and engage dam sector professionals, Young Professionals, students, stakeholders, and the population at large. 


ICOLD European National Committees participate in the celebrations promoting activities around their countries. These events are also supported by an online campaign on social media. 


To learn more about participation and events in your country and around Europe, contact your National Committee (https://www.icold-cigb.org/GB/icold/member_countries.asp). 


Dams and reservoir’s role is even more important than before around Europe, considering climate change and energy transition challenges and we encourage the public to identify their benefits and support their sustainable development for the generations ahead. 


Additional information on Dam Day is available at EurCOLD’s webpage and LinkedIn page, respectively: 




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