USSD Conference and Exhibition, Chicago, Illinois, 8-11 April 2019

February 1, 2019
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Second City – Second Chances: Stories of Rehabilitation, Modification, and Revitalization

April 8-11 -- Chicago Hilton



Dams and levees continue to provide essential public benefits including flood control, water supply, renewable energy, recreation, navigation, and habitat and environmental enhancement.  The need to maintain and improve our aging infrastructure has been well publicized, making it important to also share the great success stories of restoration and upgrades for dams and levees.

The “Second City” of Chicago is the site for the 2019 USSD Annual Conference.  The conference theme echoes Chicago’s history of rebuilding and modernization to adapt to changing public needs.  Rehabilitation, modification, and revitalization of dams and levees give new life to these existing structures through increased public safety and new or enhanced benefits. Papers and presentations addressing the conference theme and other technical topics remind ourselves and the greater community of the value of, and need for, dams and levees in society.




Conference Topics 

• Conference Theme: Second City, Second Chances: Stories of Rehabilitation, Modification, and Revitalization  

• Advocacy and Public Awareness 

• Concrete Dams

• Construction and Rehabilitation

• Dam Safety 

• Earthquakes

• Embankment Dams

• Environment and Sustainability/Dam Decommissioning

• Foundations

• Hydraulics and Hydrology

• Levees

• Monitoring of Dams and their Foundations

• Public Safety, Security and Emergency Management for Dams




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