World Register of Dams / Registre Mondial des Barrages

World Register of Dams / Registre Mondial des Barrages

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The WRD is the best available data basis on dams in the world and we are constantly striving to better it.

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Bulletin 151

Tropical residual soils as dam foundation and fill material

Bulletin 154

Dam safety management: Operational phase of the dam life cycle

Bulletin 164

Internal Erosion of Existing Dams, Levees and Dikes, and their Foundations
Package Bulletins 2016

Package Bulletins 2016

Bulletins' Package: 2016

- Bulletin 146

- Bulletin 148

- Bulletin 157

- Bulletin 166

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Bulletin 168

Recommendations for Operation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation
Preprint - 172

Bulletin Preprint - 172

Technical Advancements in Spillway Design - Progress and Innovations from 1985 to 2015

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Preprint - 173

Bulletin Preprint - 173

Integrated Operation of Hydropower Stations and Reservoirs
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Preprint - 174

Bulletin Preprint - 174

Action Plan on Capacity Building
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ICOLD _Event

14th International Benchmark Workshop on Numerical Analysis of Dams

Stockholm, Sweden

6 - 8 September 2017


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LTBD 2017 in Tehran

"Long-Term Behavior and Environmentally Friendly Rehabilitation Technologies of Dams (LTBD 2017)"


17 – 19 October 2017

Tehran, IRAN


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ICOLD _Event

26th Congress & 86th ICOLD Annual Meeting

Vienna, Austria

1 - 7 July 2018


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Africa 2013: Water Storage and Hydropower Development for Africa, April 8

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16 to 18 April, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


The number of countries that will be represented at AFRICA 2013 had reached 56 by the beginning of March (24 of them African nations, and others from Asia, Europe, North and South America and Australasia).  This conference promises to be the most international gathering, focusing specifically on hydropower and water storage, to take place on the African continent.


  • The African Union Commission, the African Development Bank and UNECA are all playing major roles in the programme.  The AU Director of Infrastructure and Energy, A. Baba Moussa, Head of the AU Commission Energy Division, P. Niyongabo, and Chief Energy Expert at the AfDB, Dr Jacques Moulot, will introduce and conduct discussions on the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa.  The PIDA initiative is mainly based on the accelerated implementation of at least eight major regional hydro schemes and their association transmission systems, which are moving ahead as priority projects.


  • The Ethiopian Minister of Water and Energy, and the CEO of EEPCo will be present, and a number of speakers will present details of Ethiopia’s major current development of its hydro resources, as part of the Universal Electricity Access Programme.
  • Prof Laurent Kitoko, the Director of International Relations at SNEL, DR Congo, will lead discussions on the first stage of the Grand Inga development, along with officers from AECOM and EDF who conducted the feasibility studies for this vast scheme, which is likely to go ahead soon as a staged development, and could eventually supply most parts of Africa which much-needed power.


  • Other major schemes now moving ahead, which will be discussed in detail during AFRICA 2013, include Batoka Gorge, Ruzizi III, Mphanda Nkuwa and Rusumo Falls, among others.


  • High-level delegations from ministries and power/water authorities will be attending from many of the leading African countries for current and planned hydro development: Ethiopia, DRC, Guinea, Nigeria, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Zambia, and many others.
  • From the financial community, The World Bank, African Development Bank, ICA, EU-Africa Partnership, Agence Française de Developpement, and various African regional development banks will discuss approaches to financing the PIDA priority projects, along with project developers and financial consultants.


For many of those countries embarking on the construction of major water resources schemes, it will be useful to exchange experience with the experts attending from countries such as China, Brazil, Russia and others, who have experience of comparable large-scale schemes in other parts of the world.

AFRICA 2013 is being held at a key time for African hydropower development.  World experts on the most important aspects of implementing and operating water infrastructure will be there, working to contribute to the PIDA initiative.

Our study tour to the Omo River Cascade is now fully booked, with a waiting list.  Only a few places remain available in the Technical Exhibition, and some of the main hotels reserved for delegates are fully booked.


If you are planning to attend, we encourage you to register as soon as possible, as places will soon be limited.

If you are committed to helping African nations unlock their vast hydro potential, you should not miss this event.

Concessional registration fees may be arranged for delegations attending from relevant organizations (power or water authorities) in the less developed countries of Africa.

For full details of the programme (recently updated), visit and download the latest edition of the AFRICA 2013 brochure.


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