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ICOLD 2016 84th Annual Meeting - 15-20 May 2016 - Johannesbourg, South Africa

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ICOLD 2016 Annual Meeting - IllustrationSouth Africa is not well-endowed with major rivers and is an arid country with an average rainfall of about 500 mm which is about half of the world average of 860 mm. Water engineers in South and Southern Africa have had to implement innovative water projects to meet the increasing demands for water for human use, food production, industries and mines, energy and the environment. Large inter-basin transfer projects have been constructed in association with neighbouring countries.

Johannesburg has been selected as the venue for the 84th ICOLD Annual Meeting. It is a modern, centrally located city and provides good facilities for the meeting. Johannesburg was formed after the discovery of gold in 1886. The city is not located on a major river and all water has to be imported from various distant sources. The mining of gold has given rise to severe challenges of acid mine water which could pollute water systems and for which major technical solutions have been implemented.
The Organising Committee of the South African National Committee (SANCOLD) has been hard at work at ensuring a high technical content for the meeting by way of one-day technical tours, symposium and workshops, exhibition and study tours. A social and accompanying person’s programme has been devised to give you a taste of Africa.





The Final Bulletin is now available for downloading.



84 Annual Meeting 2016




  • High technical content and exciting social/cultural events;
  • Symposium : 430 high quality abstracts received from 51 countries on the 8 themes;
  • Eight Technical Committee Workshops;
  • Meetings of 25 Technical Committees;
  • Five One-Day Technical Tours on both Sunday 15 and Thursday 19 May;
  • Workshops on eight topics on the Thursday and Friday!
  • Nine study tours within South Africa and neighbouring countries.   An additional study tour to Namibia has recently been added, which will visit a RCC dam under construction;
  • A large Technical Exhibition;
  • An interesting Accompanying Person Programme which will give the participant insights into the culture, history and wildlife in South Africa;



Registration will open on 9 November 2015


Delegates are encouraged to register soon to qualify for the early bird discount (which closes on 12 February 2016) and also to reserve the hotel and tours of your choice.


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