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Classification By Volume For Flood Protection

Dam NameYearFloodstock(hm3)Country
MIRANI DAM2 007588 690Pakistan
NECHRANICE196851 765Czech Republic
ATATURK199250 000Turkey
HIGH ASWAN DAM197047 000Egypt
KEBAN197431 001Turkey
NOVÉ MLÝNY198926 130Czech Republic
SABAKZAI DAM200723 638Pakistan
VRANOV193921 188Czech Republic
JESENICE196120 450Czech Republic
ROZKOŠ197015 337Czech Republic
VÍR 119598 337Czech Republic
LES KRÁLOVSTVÍ19195 698Czech Republic
BREZOVÁ19374 123Czech Republic
SKALKA19643 636Czech Republic
SALTO GRANDE19793 316Uruguay/Argentina
BYSTRICKA19123 025Czech Republic
PASTVINY19392 537Czech Republic
PLUMLOV19322 486Czech Republic
FLÁJE19631 829Czech Republic
142 Bulletin 142
bulletin on safe passage of extreme floods
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143 Bulletin 143
Historical review on ancient Dams
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144 Bulletin 144
Cost savings in Dams
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153 Bulletin 153
Sustainable design and post-closure performance of tailings dams
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155 Bulletin 155
Guidelines for use of numerical models in dam engineering
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149 New Bulletin 149
Role of dams on the development and management of rivers basins.
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152 New Bulletin 152
Cost savings in specific dams
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Registre des Barrages
The WRD is the best available data basis on dams in the world and we are constantly striving to better it.
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156 New Bulletin 156
Integrated flood risk management
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24 New 24th Congress
Kyoto Congress 2012
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