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Publishing is one of the main activities of ICOLD. On this page, you can buy our many different publications.




This is the heart of ICOLD activity. On a single precise subject, our experts have met during 3 to 5 years and they produced a « state of the art » with recommendations for engineers from all over the world.

Congresses Proceedings


ICOLD Congresses (held every 3 years). 3/4 technical questions are selected and debated. The Proceedings include the academic communications and the ensuing discussions.

Congress proceedings over 6 years are free on cd-rom (for our members), except for shipping costs.

Register of Dams


The world's best databasis on dams, established upon the national inventories sent by the member countries of ICOLD.



During annual meetings, the inviting country has the possibility to organize a symposium on a theme it choose. The proceedings of those symposiums include the academic communications presented within.



You can find here all ICOLD publications which do not enter into the above categories : dictionary, "Dams and the world water" pamphlet, etc.

Special Offers


Check out our special offers ! We offer regularly great discounts on some specific publications, two-for-ones or very interesting packages. Those offers are marked with the "promo" pictogram.

Publications publications
148 New  
Bulletin 148
Selecting seismic parameters for large dams - Guidelines (revision of Bulletin 72)
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157 New  
Bulletin 157
Small dams: Design, Surveillance and Rehabilitation
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146 New  
Bulletin 146
Dams and Ressetlement - Lessons learnt and recommendations
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Registre des Barrages  
The WRD is the best available data basis on dams in the world and we are constantly striving to better it.
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166 New  
Bulletin 166
Inspection of dams following earthquake - guidelines
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Bulletins' Package: 4 Latest Bulletins

- Bulletin 146

- Bulletin 148

- Bulletin 157

- Bulletin 166

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