Roller-Compacted Concrete Dams

425 pages, main text bilingual English / French, in 9 chapters + Appendix. Illustrated cover.

ICOLD Bulletin 177 ‘Roller-Compacted Concrete Dams’ presents the state-of-the-art on roller-compacted concrete technology for dams, incorporating the advances of the RCC technology for dams over the last 15 years since the previous Bulletin on the topic was released in 2003. Hence, the present ICOLD Bulletin 177 supersedes ICOLD Bulletin 126 (‘Roller-compacted concrete dams - State of the art and case

histories’, published in 2003) and ICOLD Bulletin 75 (‘Roller-Compacted Concrete for Gravity Dams’ published in 1989). While roller-compacted concrete technology could have still been considered a new technology in 2003, it is now true to say that construction by roller-compaction has become the standard approach for large concrete gravity dams.

This Bulletin addresses all aspects of the planning, design, construction, and performance of RCC in dams. Mixture proportioning and quality control are discussed, and a comprehensive listing of references is included. Many aspects of RCC in dams have become better understood since the publication of Bulletin No 126 and the present Bulletin contains less information on the approaches applied in different countries but includes more comprehensive information particularly in relation to design, mixture proportioning and construction. With greater understanding, it has further been possible to highlight more definitively the requirements of successful RCC dams, as well as the pitfalls and difficulties that can be associated with RCC dam design and construction.