Dam Safety Management: Pre- operational Phases of the Dam Life Cycle

Dam Safety Management is a major concern during the entire lifetime cycle of a dam scheme. This is particularly true for the operational phase of the scheme that represents by far the longest period in its lifetime cycle. Bulletin 154 presented a general approach and concepts to be applied to dam operation. The current Bulletin 175 extends the developed concepts to all phases preceding the operational phase. Many risks associated with the operation of existing dams have their origins in other phases preceding the actual operation. Although there are numerous ICOLD Bulletins addressing technical aspects of planning, design, construction and commissioning of dams, there is not a single Bulletin which covers the subject in a comprehensive manner. The current document is a first attempt to capture all relevant dam safety aspects in all preoperational phases by systematically characterizing the actors involved, their roles, the activities and complex interactions present in different phases of the dam lifecycle. An Overarching Safety Management System is specifically developed that can be applied to all actors involved.