Dams for Hydroelectric Energy

143 pages, main text bilingual English / French, in 5 chapters + case studies. Illustrated cover.

The Bulletin is intended as a general document aimed at a wide technical audience involved with or affected by hydropower. Basic background data and some statistics are presented, with specific reference to hydro-electricity production, hydropower dams, hydropower plants, in operation or under construction.

Key aspects of hydropower are discussed. Data are presented about typical capital and both internal and external operating costs. Environmental and social impacts are discussed, and reference is made to the impact reservoirs have on greenhouse gas emissions.

A section is dedicated to the exploitation of tidal energy by means of barrage systems. The current extent of hydropower development and the influence of policies aimed to favour the development of renewable energies are also discussed. Reference sources of information, on hydropower in general and interesting casehistories, are provided.