Dams and Water Transfers - An Overview

The present Bulletin presents a complete response from the ‘Technical Committee of ICOLD on Dams and Water Transfer (CDWT)’ to the Terms of Reference. It starts with related global information, brings out related efforts made in countries with completely differing climate, economy, population distribution etc. about present status within and between river basins & countries – both surplus and or deficit, while recognizing the crucial role played by dams in water transfer to needy regions. It then enumerates guidelines followed in considering various options, while identifying geographical issues, limited by political territories & legal issues like water treaties. Essentially then, it dwells on possible need, potential and problems in water transfers that must be handled to overcome B/C issues faced by needy countries. In order to assist concerned professionals, the Bulletin finally elaborates on objections raised by different stake-holders in the subject and provides answers generated globally. The on-going debate world-over about WRD versus environmental impacts is then dealt with to help Member-countries overcome various issues.