Mathematical Modelling of Sediment Transport and Deposition in Reservoirs - Guidelines and Case Studies

As reservoir sedimentation has proven to be a serious problem in South Africa, research in this field has been ongoing for more than 70 years. This publication emanates from extensive research which has been undertaken over the past 30 years with the support of the South African Department of Water and Sanitation as well as the South African Water Research Commission. A great deal of information has fortunately also been obtained from China. Given the universal nature of hydraulic formulae it is not surprising, yet gratifying, that Chinese and South African data generally conform to the same mathematical relationships. This indicates that these relationships should be applicable in other countries as well. Much of the information contained here has been condensed from a more comprehensive publication. This ICOLD Bulletin follows on Bulletin 115 “Dealing with reservoir sedimentation”, which gave guidelines for management of reservoirs to limit sedimentation. The guidelines on mathematical modelling of sediment transport dynamics in reservoirs in this document can be used during the planning and design of new dams, as well as for the management of existing dams.