18. Deutsches Talsperrensymposium, 8-10 May 2019

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The German National Committee on Large Dams (DTK) organises the 18th German Dam Symposium from 8th to 10th of May 2019. This traditional event is already the 10th Dam Symposium taking place in reunified Germany, therefore, our symposium will be held in Leipzig, one of the most emblematic city for the German reunification.


Up-to-date, instructive and ambitious contributions as well as an interesting technical study tour will surely help to make the symposium a successful event again. The submitted papers will contribute decisively to the success of the symposium. The lectures of the selected speakers will be devoted to seven main topics listed below. The selected topics also reflect the redesign of the surrounding area of Leipzig to the „Neuseenland“ with numerous opencast mining lakes, and the fact that ICOLD, and to this extent the DTK, is now also addressing issues that affect small dams and levees.

The technical tour will take us to the mentioned „Neuseenland – new lake land“ that will show you the enormous water related changes that can be seen here in the follow-up landscape after brown coal mining. I hope that I could arouse your interest and I like to sincerely invite you at this stage.



Main topics


The following main topics are suggested:

• Landscape forming and restoration by means of dams and reservoirs (Restoration of devastated mining areas and reevaluation of the concerned  regions)

• Digitalisation in the field of dams and reservoirs (Application of up-to-date IT for design,  construction and operation of dams)

• Quo vadis water power utilization in Germany (Judgement of the situation at the moment and  tendencies; environmental aspects)

• Effective flood protection using flood retarding  basins, polders and levees (Projects and effects)

• News from technical framework for dams and  reservoirs (Standards, guidelines, bulletins)

• New solutions for construction, operation and  rehabilitation of dams (Examples and experiences)

• Contributions of German companies for foreign dam projects (Examples and experiences)



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