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Mécanique des Fluides Environnementaux


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Exploitation des structures hydrauliques de barrages

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Surveillance des Barrages - Leçons tirées d'études de cas

Congrès 27ème

Marseille Juin 2022
World Register of Dams / Registre Mondial des Barrages

World Register of Dams / Registre Mondial des Barrages

Achat d'un accès de 3ans pour le Registre Mondial des Barrages (RMB).


Le RMB est la meilleure base de données répertoriant des barrages dans le monde et nous travaillons constamment à son amélioration

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Document de Synthèse

Document de Synthèse

Position Paper - Dam Safety and Earthquakes

Registre des barrages

La meilleure base de données mondiale sur les barrages, établie à partir des inventaires nationaux envoyés par les pays membres à la CIGB. Le Registre est mis à jour continuellement et comporte actuellement plus de 55 000 Barrages.



7thMeeting of the EWG

International Symposium on Dams and Earthquakes

Athène, Grèce

12 - 13 Septembre 2024


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ICOLD 2024

92ème Réunion Annuelle et Symposium Int'l

New Delhi, Inde

27 Sept. - 3 Octobre 2024


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HYDRO 2024 Secure technology for turbulent times

Messe Congress Graz (MCG), Autriche

18 au 20 Novembre 2024


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17e atelier international de référence de la CIGB sur l'analyse numérique des barrages

Sofia, Bulgarie

9 - 12 Avril 2025


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28ème Congrès & 93ème Réunion Annuelle de la CIGB

Chengdu, Chine

10 Mai au 23 Mai 2025


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ICOLD Innovation Awards 2025

10 Janvier 2024
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(Adopted at Stavanger General Assembly in June 2015, modified at the Board of Denver January 2020 and at the Board of Edinburgh 2023)


The International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD) confers the International ICOLD Innovation Awards for innovative scientific and technical contributions, in the field of dams and reservoirs with special focus on their role in sustainable water resources management under consideration of environmental constraints.


The following regulations apply to the awards:


  • These Awards is open to recent (less than 10 year), original scientific and technical original contributions, that have not been previously submitted to another award, in the field of dams, reservoirs and levees regarding technical but also socio-economical and environmental aspects with consideration of balanced and sustainable water resources management as well as climate change.


  • Application can be submitted by a single author or a team (3 persons maximum).


  • Candidates should submit their applications to the Central Office, International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD), 61 Avenue Kleber, Paris (France) for the paper version and by email to contact@icold-cigb.orgIt should be accompanied by a CV of the author(s) as well as by a letter to the Jury, which explains how the application fulfils the compliance with the first clause. The candidates should apply through their National Committees or at least inform them.


  • The application must be in English or in French and must be submitted before September 30th (2024) in the year before the upcoming ICOLD Congress in Chengdu, China. One hard copy and an electronic version are required. The name and the address of the author or authors must be clearly indicated.


  • The evaluation committee (jury) is made up of a chair and members of the ICOLD Board of Directors. The jury's final decision will be communicated to the winning authors in early 2025.


  • The ICOLD Innovation Awards consist of up to 3 Trophies (GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE) and 1 500 Euros, 1 000 Euros, 500 Euros cash prize, respectively. The award receivers will be granted a free Congress admission (one per awarded person) to the ICOLD Congress 2025 where they will have the opportunity to present their contributions. If a team is selected for an award (GOLD or SILVER or BRONZE), the cash prize will be equally divided among the team.


  • The Awards will be given to the winners during the ICOLD Congress 2025, in Chengdu, China.


  • If none of the submitted applications fulfils the required quality for the AWARDS, the Jury can decide not to assign it.


  • The awards winners allow ICOLD to inform the media about the awards and the winners.


  • The application to the ICOLD Innovation Awards implies that the candidates accept these rules. The decision of the Jury will not be open to appeal.


  • The use of copyrighted material is the responsibility of the author(s). They must obtain the appropriate authorizations and make them available to ICOLD. ICOLD cannot be held responsible for any violation of this rule.


  • The report template to be used is the same as for the Congress reports, apart from the title, which should specify "ICOLD INNOVATION AWARDS 2025" or at least, reports should be in A4 format, single-column, readable on a Western European computer with the title "ICOLD INNOVATION AWARDS 2025". ICOLD reserves the right to refuse reports that do not comply with this rule. Report should not be longer than 15 A4 pages. In English or French.


  • All entries received that comply with the rules of the ICOLD Innovation Awards will be published in the proceedings of the ICOLD Congress. By entering this competition, the applicant agrees to the publication of the report.




The jury will be made up of the Board Members and chaired by Professor SUMI.




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