World Register of Dams / Registre Mondial des Barrages

World Register of Dams / Registre Mondial des Barrages

Achat d'un accès de 3ans pour le Registre Mondial des Barrages (RMB).


Le RMB est la meilleure base de données répertoriant des barrages dans le monde et nous travaillons constamment à son amélioration

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Bulletin 151

Sols résiduels tropicaux utilisés pour la fondation de barrages et comme matériau de remblai

Bulletin 154

Gestion de la sécurité des barrages en exploitation

Bulletin 164

L’érosion interne dans les digues, barrages existants et leurs fondations
Package Bulletins 2016

Package Bulletins 2016

Pack des 4 derniers bulletins de 2016
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Bulletin 168

Recommendations pour l'exploitation, la maintenance et la réhabilitation des barrages
Preprint - 175

Bulletin Preprint - 175

Dam Safety Management: Pre- operational Phases of the Dam Life Cycle
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Preprint - 176

Bulletin Preprint - 176

Blockage of Spillways and Outlet Works
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Preprint - 177

Bulletin Preprint - 177

Roller-Compacted Concrete Dams
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Preprint - 178

Bulletin Preprint - 178

Operation of Hydraulic Structures of Dams
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Preprint - 179

Bulletin Preprint - 179

Asphalt Concrete Cores for Embankment Dams
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Preprint - 180

Bulletin Preprint - 180

Dam Surveillance - Lessons learnt from case histories
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Registre des barrages

La meilleure base de données mondiale sur les barrages, établie à partir des inventaires nationaux envoyés par les pays membres à la CIGB. Le Registre est mis à jour continuellement et comporte actuellement plus de 55 000 Barrages.



Dam Safety Paraguay Logo

INCA 2019 Séminaire Dam Safety

Hernandarias, Paraguay

6 - 7 Novembre 2019


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8ème Symposium International sur "RCC Dams"

Kunming Chine

Nov.11-12 2019


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Conférence internationale sur la gestion et l'ingénierie de la sécurité des barrages 

Penang, Malaisie

19 - 21 Novembre 2019


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5eme Symposium Asian-Pacific Group (APG 2019)

Téhéran, Iran

9-13 Décembre 2019


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88eme Réunion Annuelle CIGB

4 au 10 Avril 2020

New Delhi, Inde


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2020 USSD Conférence et Exposition

Denver, CO -- Hyatt Regency Denver Convention Center

20 - 24 Avril 2020


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27ème Congrès - 89ème Réunion Annuelle de la CIGB

Marseille, France

5-11 Juin 2021


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2020 USSD Conference and Exhibition, 20 - 24 April 2020

1 Juillet 2019
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Join us in Denver, Colorado, April 20-24 for the 2020 USSD Annual Conference and  Exhibition. Be a part of this premier technical event for dam and levee professionals.  Learn from industry experts, gain expertise, share experiences, connect with colleagues, build new relationships, and collaborate with other world-class  professionals dedicated to advancing the role of dam and levee systems in society. Come to the Mile High City; ELEVATE your game.




All professionals involved in dams, levees, and water resources engineering are invited to submit abstracts. Abstract submissions must be for proposed papers or expanded abstracts that are original and have not been published or accepted in a journal or conference proceedings, nor presented at another conference. Submissions must not be concurrently under consideration for publication or presentation elsewhere. Authors are invited to submit initial abstracts (300-word limit, no title nor author names) describing research or experience relating to the topics addressed by USSD Technical Committees, as listed below. 

If accepted, all presenters must prepare either a full paper (10-15 pages) OR an expanded abstract (2-5 pages), which will be included in the electronic conference proceedings. Guidelines for preparing full papers or expanded abstracts will be provided upon acceptance. Abstracts will be selected by members of the Technical Program Planning Committee based on scientific/engineering merit, relevance, and overall quality. Due to time and space constraints, it is possible that not all submissions will be selected for the Conference. Please do not submit an abstract unless the following two conditions can be met:


1. You have approval from your employer and/or client to present this topic.

2. The work/results discussed in your paper/presentation will be substantially complete by the final submission deadline of March 20, 2020.

Following acceptance, authors must return a commitment form confirming their intention to participate in the conference and granting USSD permission to publish and distribute their paper/expanded abstract and presentation.

All authors and presenters are expected to attend the Conference and pay the discounted registration fee for authors and presenters.


Young Professionals (age 35 and under) are encouraged to submit abstracts, and will receive a reduced conference registration fee.


Submit abstracts by July 8 here:




Advocacy and Public Awareness

• Concrete Dams

• Construction and Rehabilitation

• Dam Decommissioning

• Dam Safety

• Earthquakes

• Embankment Dams

• Environment and Sustainability

• Foundations

• Hydraulics and Hydrology

• Levees

• Monitoring of Dams and their Foundations

• Public Safety, Security and Emergency Management for Dams

• Tailings Dams

• Other Contemporary Issues




Abstracts Due: July 8, 2019

Authors notified: September 16, 2019

Drafts Due: November 29, 2019

Review Comments Due: January 7, 2020

Final Papers Due: March 20, 2020




If you are interested in coordinating a specialty track on a specific topic, please send a message to Specialty tracks will run concurrently with other tracks in the technical program. Abstracts will need to be submitted in Catalyst (see link above) for each presentation proposed for a specialty track. 




Several workshops, organized by USSD Technical Committees, will be held during the conference. USSD Technical Committees are invited to submit workshop proposals to




Conference moderators are needed to review draft papers and moderate technical sessions during the conference. Two moderators will be assigned to each technical session. 

Moderators will be expected to:

  • Review draft papers
  • Collect draft and final PowerPoint presentations on your computer
  • Moderate a technical session during the conference

If you are interested in serving as a moderator, email




Conference activities will take place at the Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center. All sessions and the exhibition will take place in the hotel. The hotel is centrally located in the heart of Denver’s restaurant and entertainment district. Hotel reservations at the group rate can be made beginning in October via this website. 




Elena Sossenkina, HDR


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